broken heart

hey there, this time in english.


 man, thsi day was hell.

It should've been the best day ever. I invited Annie to harry Potter and then....

she called me and said she had to bake a cake and can't go with me to the cinema. Oh I was so angry and sad and all of that shit.

 She said Nicole shoudl take the place of her and i should go with her to the cinema.

 I though "oh man, ok, I'll wait for her", but she didn't came, too.

So i went to the film with Chris and was very sad.

My heart broke in the middle of the Movie. inside a Kiss. And I lost a part of me up there at the bottom of this room. It's still there and will never return to me again.

If she knows how I feel? How I creid for her? I don't know.

 so far...


your Alex

22.7.09 00:21


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